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Reviews of Celsius Graduate Recruitment


Thomas has been extremely helpful whilst I’ve been looking for a new position as a graduate;
very friendly and also very willing to dedicate time to help me not only find a placement but also prepare for interviews!
Much appreciated!     N.R. Celsius Graduate

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with Emily in helping find my first job. Her ability to build rapport really pays tribute to her as a person, she is friendly, positive and ultimately professional.

Emily is thorough in every stage I faced with companies that I was interviewing with, from making sure I was fully prepared to go in and be confident in any interview. She really bought into what I wanted to do with my future and did not push me towards any job.

I want to thank her for all her help and wish her all the best in the future!”  D.H. Celsius Graduate.

“Getting that initial phone call from Kelly was the start of a process that lead to me kickstarting my career. She was very supportive, always made time to answer any questions I’d have, and made sure that I was fully prepared before the big assessment day.

If you’re looking for someone who is friendly, hardworking and dedicated, I’d recommend Kelly”  J.D. Celsius Graduate

“Elizabeth was a fantastic professional to have representing me. As a fresh graduate Elizabeth helped me from start to finish in securing my first job at a software company. The manner in which she helped guide and mentor me through the interviewing process was incredible. A combination of being well informed, articulate, understanding and thorough made working with Elizabeth a pleasure. Incomparable to any previous recruiting experience I had encountered, I could not recommend her more highly and wish her every deserved success in the future.” A.R. Celsius Graduate.


“Tom has been an absolute pleasure to deal with as my talent manager. His passion for his role and willingness to help me at every stage was a breath of fresh air. Thank you for your professionalism and giving me great advice in securing a great sales role in London!” H.M. Celsius Graduate.


“My Celsius Graduate Manager was absolutely integral in helping me to find my position. Within just one week after attending the Celsius Graduate Recruitment Day, I now have a fantastic position – thanks to my Celsius Graduate Manager’s constant support and guidance. His expertise, professionalism and dedication to his role are evident. He was always there to help me in preparing for interviews and pushed me to challenge myself.”

“I honestly thought it sounded too good to be true, but my Celsius Graduate Manager truly delivered on their promise of helping me secure the kind of graduate position I was looking for in just a week! I would highly recommend Celsius to anyone who is a recent graduate searching for an excellent career in a lucrative sector.” K.W Celsius Graduate.

“He played an integral part in obtaining my current position. He provided thorough training and tips through regular contact that helped build up confidence about my abilities. In addition, my Celsius Graduate Manager explained the best techniques to convey this to prospective companies that I interviewed for, resulting in improved feedback and a job.” E.W. Celsius Graduate.

“My Celsius Graduate Manager was incredible at finding a role in Manchester. Throughout the interview and selection process and across many weeks He has shown continued support, dedication and a genuine personal interest which is hard to come by in most recruitment agencies. My Celsius Graduate Manager was there for me through thick and thin, good times and bad, and eventually secured myself comfortable, happy and successful employment with a great firm. I have nothing but the highest regards for my Celsius Graduate Manager and his team, and would advise that any sharp graduate seeking a challenging and rewarding career contact Celsius as soon as possible.” O.H. Celsius Graduate. 

“Upon successfully completing a Celsius Graduate Recruitment Day, I was introduced to my Celsius Graduate Manager who would become a pivotal figure in my graduate career search. Through his expertise and support, I was able to acquire insight and experienced knowledge of how to successfully enter the graduate labour force. My Celsius Graduate Manager is a professional, well-rounded and excellent communicator who is dedicated to his role and thus ensures that his client’s, such as me, achieve their full potential. Many thanks to my Celsius Graduate Manager and the entire Celsius Recruitment team!” J.D. Celsius Graduate.

“Celsius have been integral to my recent job hunt. He helped with practical and honest advice from initial recruitment through interviews and preparation. He was always mindful of my opinions and sent me to some great companies. Within weeks, I have secured an amazing job, with a great company to start in a month once I finish university.” M.M. Celsius Graduate.

“I met with my Celsius Graduate Manager on Tuesday for a Graduate Recruitment Day and on Friday I was offered a new graduate job. The training and advice my Celsius Graduate Manager and his colleagues offered was amazing and helped me understand why I hadn’t already got a graduate job and how to obtain one. I’m absolutely ecstatic about my new job and have my Celsius Graduate Manager and his team to thank for it.” F.W. Celsius Graduate.

“Celsius really put me through my paces and spent the time preparing me, and ensuring that I became the best candidate I could be. He was extremely helpful, offered very useful advice and gave me a lot of ‘insider tips’ about what employers expect and are looking for, so I could tailor my CV and focus my interview preparation to give them confidence that I understood their needs and priorities. There was certainly an element of ‘tough love’. My Celsius Graduate Manager was challenging, and sometimes it felt uncomfortable, but I’m sure that this helped me to cope much better than I would have done alone, and I had a chance to ‘practice’ in a supportive environment. It worked, because I got through a demanding selection process to get the job I wanted. I really appreciated his support and insights, and I would highly recommend Celsius to other new graduates seeking employment in competitive industries.”  G.H. Celsius Graduate. 

“My Celsius Consultant was incredibly helpful in finding a new job for me. I was quite awkward in my circumstances but time and time again continued to try his best to help me. I was always able to contact my Celsius Graduate Manager regarding anything to do with prepping for interviews or composing myself for them. I would definitely recommend my Celsius Graduate Manager. I am so thankful for his time and efforts as he helped me land the perfect job!!” C.B. Celsius Graduate. 

“I have no worry whatsoever in recommending my Celsius Graduate Manager to anyone. He represented me for several months whilst I was seeking a job and worked tirelessly. He grafted with the utmost tenacity and determination, always exceeding what was expected in a professional manner.  He never failed to deliver a quality service and I would state that he is most definitely one of the best in recruitment. He helped me get the perfect job because he listened conscientiously and always delivered what he said he would. My Celsius Graduate Manager is extremely hard working and will work closely to find you the best possible job. I have no doubt that my Graduate Manager will continue to succeed in what he does, and can undeniably help you out.” S.P. Celsius Graduate. 

“Celsius helped me find a fantastic Graduate opportunity and supported me through the whole process. Genuine and honest, my Graduate Manager gave me great advice and was willing to help around the clock. I sincerely recommend contacting Celsius if you have just completed your degree and are looking for a working opportunity where you can start an excellent career with outstanding prospects. Thank you!” S.L. Celsius Graduate

“The Celsius Team provided me with a valuable experience and opportunity at the Celsius Graduate Recruitment Day. Celsius teaches the skills essential for an IT Sales Interview. Most importantly for me is the speed in which they find Jobs for graduates. For example I took part in the Graduate Recruitment Day on a Tuesday and had a job offer on the following Monday!”B.B. Celsius Graduate.

“My Celsius Graduate Consultant was very personable, always promptly provided me with new information and worked tirelessly to arrange interviews for me that ultimately led me to new employment.” G.V. Celsius Graduate.

“I can’t thank my Celsius enough for their helping me to get this job. My Celsius Graduate Manager was always willing to help me with any of my questions, like how/where to research, updating my CV or what to expect in an interview and took the time to make sure I understood fully. I highly recommend Celsius to any graduates hoping to find a successful career within sales. Not only do they help you with queries regarding interview preparation but they take the time to make sure you are prepared mentally, calming any fears and encouraging you. Having someone that genuinely cares about your success and is willing to help in any way sometimes can make all the difference.” E.H. Celsius Graduate.

“As part of the Celsius Graduate Recruitment team, my Celsius Graduate Manager found me the ideal opportunity and furthermore ensured I was prepared enough to give the best presentation of myself through the interview process. In my experience my Celsius Graduate Manager was friendly, driven and works to understand what graduates are looking to achieve in their major career moves.” C.J. Celsius Graduate.

“My Celsius Consultant is a very professional graduate recruiter. He worked hard to secure me interviews at companies that matched my criteria well. I subsequently ended up at my current job thanks to the work of my Graduate Manager and the team at Celsius. Expect a grilling if you decide to go for a Celsius Graduate Recruitment Day but if you make it through they will work hard to get you the interviews you want.” T.C. Celsius Graduate. 

“When Celsius Graduate Recruitment first came around I was unaware of how they worked. However after speaking with my Celsius Graduate Manager I was fully informed on what they did and how they worked and quickly managed to get an exciting job which was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!” A.B. Celsius Graduate.

“My Celsius Graduate Consultant provided an excellent service whereby within days of attending the Graduate Recruitment Day she had interviews lined up for me. She not only provided me with these excellent job opportunities, but gave me great advice and also pushed me to do the best I can do. If it wasn’t for my Celsius Graduate Manager I wouldn’t be where I am today!” S.K. Celsius Graduate. 

“My Celsius Manager was exceptionally helpful and friendly in helping me prepare for the interviews which Celsius arranged. Without her combination of enthusiastic support and practical tips, I probably wouldn’t have landed the job I have now. Thank you!” T.L. Celsius Graduate.

“I believe my Celsius Consultant to be conducive, in helping me find my ideal first job. The service provided by Celsius, was exemplary. When she was appointed my Graduate Manager, within a matter days, she had already arranged a flurry of high profile interviews for me! My Celsius Consultant’s drive and enthusiasm is infectious; her proactive approach to recruitment empowered me to better myself. This compelled me to seize the right job opportunity when it arose, and thus, kick started my career in sales. If you are after a recruitment professional, who is genuinely compassionate about finding the right role for you, then I advise you to look no further!” A.D. Celsius Graduate.

“Celsius  helped me find employment. My Graduate Manager was incredibly helpful and personable character that paid attention to my traits, interests and characteristics that I expressed, and provided excellent advice and a variety of roles that were applicable to my interests and skills. She is a talented recruiter, and those that work with her are very lucky!” K.O. Celsius Graduate. 

“My Celsius Graduate Manager was a fantastic person to deal with. She really helped me prepare myself for interviews, and she showed me how to sell myself to employers. If you are ever lucky enough to work with Celsius you will succeed in attaining employment as she gets the best out of you.” J.F. Celsius Graduate. 

“My Celsius Consultant was immediately pro-active at finding me a graduate position when I had passed the Graduate Recruitment Day at Celsius. I was shown ultimate commitment from the beginning and brilliant advice. Celsius are a professional/personal organisation providing outstanding opportunities and guidance throughout interviews as a graduate. I felt valued and well supported as a graduate looking for a full time position and my Celsius Graduate Manager was only ever a phone call away. Nothing was too much trouble and she was flexible to my needs with constant encouragement. I would recommend Celsius to any hard working, eager graduate looking for jobs after University.”O.T. Celsius Graduate.

“My Celsius Graduate Recruitment Consultant at Celsius Recruitment and was instrumental in helping me find a new graduate position. Within a few days of our meeting she had scheduled several high profile interviews and provided me with detailed information for the relevant meetings.” R.J. Celsius Graduate. 

“My Celsius Manager is very dynamic in her approach to work, whilst maintaining a professional outlook at all times. On numerous occasions my Celsius Manager went out of her way to provide an excellent overall service to both myself and other graduate personnel. It was a pleasure working alongside someone who really cared about your future, and wanted the best for you in terms of career development. Through developing a relationship with Celsius, I was extremely fortunate to gain a job from my first interview. Without the continuous help from Celsius, this would have not been possible, and for this reason I am extremely appreciative of Celsius’ efforts.” D.J. Celsius Graduate.

“Celsius were extremely helpful at finding me suitable interviews for jobs and making sure I had all relevant information about each company. My Celsius Graduate Manager was very easy to talk to and always followed up on any leads we discussed and found me an excellent job within a matter of weeks.” J.O. Celsius Graduate. 

“It took Celsius less than a week to find me a dream career. This serves to show the high success rate as well as an efficiency to which my Celsius Graduate Manager deals with new recruits. She is the key motivator that helped me find a career that I am thoroughly enjoying.” E.D. Celsius Graduate

“Celsius were fantastic to work with. My Celsius Consultant ensured I was ready for all my interviews, while instilling confidence throughout. She is extremely friendly, personable and professional and was a joy to work with. I would recommend Celsius to anyone and if you are lucky enough to have such an excellent Graduate Consultant; have no worries as you are in safe hands. Thank you so much!” S.G. Celsius Graduate.

“I didn’t get much luck with a couple of other Recruitment companies, but my Celsius Graduate Manager was helpful and instrumental in getting me my position I have now within two weeks of the Celsius Graduate Recruitment Day.” T.M. Celsius Graduate.

“I would highly recommend Celsius to any new graduate. They placed me in a new job in record time and were a pleasure to speak with at every stage of the interview process.” M.W. Celsius Graduate.

“Celsius were a great help to me when I began looking for a graduate job. My Graduate Manager was extremely friendly, personable and professional with me at all times and made me feel a lot more comfortable about attending interviews! After the Celsius Graduate Recruitment Day my Celsius Graduate Manager worked extremely hard to get me 5 interviews the following week, however I was lucky enough to be offered a job after the first.”L.T. Celsius Graduate.

“I would recommend Celsius to any graduate looking for a job. I was assigned to my Graduate Manager through Celsius and was placed in a role within 2 weeks of the Celsius Graduate Recruitment Day. Throughout this time, my Graduate Manager was extremely helpful, personable and made me feel at ease.” J.C. Celsius Graduate.

“My Celsius Graduate Manager was an invaluable source during my job search. Following a successful Graduate Recruitment Day, we had an in-depth conversation about the style of jobs I was interested in applying for. Following our conversation, my Graduate Manager immediately organised interviews with several successful companies. In the lead up to each interview Celsius provided great support and within three weeks I was able to accept a position with a company that offered an interesting role, with a competitive salary, in the location I had requested.” L.W. Celsius Graduate.

“As a graduate, I found that there are many challenges when making the move into the world of work. However my Celsius Graduate Manager, with her excellent people skills and thorough approach, put me at ease. I felt very comfortable telling her exactly where I wanted to go because I knew that she would listen and follow up with exciting prospects for me to have a go at. Within 2 weeks her support had helped propel me into, what I consider, an ideal position as a graduate employee for an outstanding company that have provided me with a company car, laptop, mobile and most importantly, genuine career progression opportunities. I would therefore strongly recommend Celsius to anybody making those first difficult steps as a graduate.” A.B. Celsius Graduate

“My Celsius Graduate Manager was a fantastic person to work with due to her friendly and most importantly thorough nature. She maintained regular contact with me throughout our entire time together and never lost sight. It was through her determination to see me succeed that she thankfully found me a fantastic company to work for and I am now very much enjoying the start of my career in sales and marketing. As a result I would highly recommend working with Celsius and would happily do so in the future if the opportunity/need occurred.” J.M. Celsius Graduate.

“Celsius were able to provide all the right tools and advice which gave me a great advantage when going to interviews. The feedback and help was what really made the difference in actually getting the position at an inside sales Representative. I would highly recommend the Celsius Team as they provided an excellent service with a breadth of knowledge on the IT sales industry second to none.” T.R. Celsius Graduate.

“Within 24 hours of progressing from the Celsius Graduate Recruitment Day, my Celsius Graduate Manager began to contact me on a regular basis with information on potential employers. Ever personable and professional, my Graduate Manager offered diligent assistance and dedicated her attention to helping me find exciting new employment. I always felt that my Graduate Manager would be more than happy to help in any way she could – she even gave me her personal number should I need to ask any questions over the weekends and in the evenings. She was a pleasure to work with.” A.P. Celsius Graduate. 

“The service Celsius offers to graduates looking for work is second to none. In the space of a 24 hour period, I was able to attend a Celsius Graduate Recruitment Day, get an interview and secure a job. Finding work has never been so faced paced, Celsius do not waste their time. I would recommend this service to any graduate looking for work…you wont be disappointed!!!” J.T. Celsius Graduate. 

“With her very efficient and professional manner, my Celsius Manager aided me immensely when securing a new position within IT Sales. Her response time is second to none and her advice was beneficial on all levels from CV adjustments to interview technique.” W.L. Celsius Graduate.

“Not only was my Celsius Manager friendly and understanding, but she listened to what I wanted as a graduate and wasn’t too pushy on the job selection process. She went out of her way to land me a top job, and through her hard work and effort I now work for a top IT company. Highly recommend my Celsius Graduate Manager to anybody hunting for a job, lovely personality and a pleasure to work with.” C.M. Celsius Graduate.

“After working with Celsius for less than a week, the recruiting service provided landed me a Graduate position within the IT & Tech industry. Communication was excellent and the targets were achieved rapidly.” A.G. Celsius Graduate. 

“Celsius played an influential role in getting my current job. With her professional attitude my Celsius Consultant was able to help me obtain a position in less than a month. I would recommend Celsius to anyone who is thinking of a position in the IT solutions industry.” P.D. Celsius Graduate. 

“My Celsius Consultant was professional and personable from the off. It is thanks to her I am in my current position. She made me feel totally at ease and placed me in a mutually suitable position. She understood my needs and that of the companhy and would highly recommend her work to any aspiring job seeker!!” D.B. Celsius Graduate. 

“Celsius placed me with a leading IT solutions provider, thanks to all their help and guidance, my sales career is now fully underway.” J.P. Celsius Graduate.

“My Celsius Consultant is a true professional, with a “can do” work ethic and the desire to ensure her clients are happy throughout the entire process. It was a pleasure to work with her, and I look forward to doing so again.” R.S. Celsius Graduate. 

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