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A Graduate’s guide to LinkedIn


A grads guide to linkedin
As a soon to be graduate, joining a ‘professional’ network is probably not at the top of your agenda; your professional experience is likely to be limited and spending time creating a profile for a site you won’t use when you have a dissertation to write and exams to revise for can seem a waste of time. However, signing up to LinkedIn early and updating it every now and then could actually save you a lot of time when it comes to finding your perfect graduate position and give you an edge on other graduates who are still relying on their CV alone to secure a position.

When you consider the fact that millions of companies are now active on LinkedIn and that a large percentage of these businesses actually recruit via Social media these days, it seems senseless not to lay the foundations of your career ambitions for the professional world to see. If you know what you want to do after you graduate university you can cater your profile towards a career in your chosen profession. Think of the key words that are most relevant to your chosen career path and include them within your ‘summary’. You are given the opportunity to highlight any work experience/placements you have done within the industry and can join relevant groups to garner an even greater understanding of your chosen industry.

For those of you who haven’t decided what you want to do, not only can you use LinkedIn as a research tool, but if you note your experience to date and interests, then you will be surprised how many people will contact you with suggestions of what you should do next.

When creating your LinkedIn profile, try and ensure that you represent yourself in the most professional way possible. Although it is a Social media site, it is very different to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and there is a certain “etiquette” that you’re expected to follow. It is frowned upon to post ‘personal’ updates, unless somehow related to your professional life and you should definitely refrain from posting pictures of what you have had for tea or pictures from your drunken nights out!

The best way to approach it is as if you act online as you would act in front of a potential employer – showcase the best of yourself and highlight your professional and academic achievements. Get involved with the wider conversation and share any relevant content to ensure that you are noticed.

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