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How can Tech Sales benefit your career?

If you have searched for a graduate opportunity on any UK job board recently, you’ll have noticed a trend of technology organisations searching in abundance for dynamic Sales or Business Development Representatives. It’s not difficult to understand why this is the case. Technology is now the largest industry in the world having taken over Finance in 2016, and it is a sector that is growing 2.5 times faster than the UK economy. This continuous boom continues to gather momentum, and thus the opportunities are there to be taken, but how can working in tech sales benefit your career?

1.      Job Security

Experience in sales is one of the most sought-after attributes across all sectors, however having experience in technology sales specifically will always be a commodity, and something you can leverage to your advantage. In the deepest, darkest recessions, there will always be a requirement for good salespeople, and if you have this experience in the tech market, then you’ll never find yourself out of work. Working in a fresh, exciting industry with a lot of opportunities at all levels will protect you from the harshest of financial climates.

2.      Financial Independence

It is not uncommon for graduates to gain financial independence within the first few years of their employment, and what is even more uncommon is these graduates NOT attaining financial independence before their 30th birthday. Tech-sales is not only a rewarding career, it is a financially lucrative one. Imagine having your student loan paid off within 2 years or owning your house outright by the time you’re 30? This is not just wishful thinking, these are actual achievements attained by our graduates.

3.      Career Progression

It is easy to get stuck in a rut in a lot of graduate roles. If there is no structure in place to promote you through the business, then there is little that is going to motivate you to work harder and compete more. Within tech-sales, our clients understand the need to incentivise and reward staff, so all of their programmes are set in place in order to ensure you are driven to success and constantly have goals and targets to reach that will allow you to progress to your next role. Tech companies reliant on graduates because many of these products are brand new, vibrant technology solutions that require sharp minds and innovative ways of thinking to explain how these products can benefit a business. This is why internal promotion within tech-sales is so common, and the more promotions you attain, the more opportunities that will be open to you in your career.

4.      Leadership Opportunities

It happens with almost every client eventually. We will place a graduate within a company and whether it’s 6 months or 2 years later, they will be on the phone talking to us about finding more dynamic candidates for their sales team. The progression track laid out above means that many of our candidates move into Team Leader or Sales Manager positions, some even reach the level of Sales Director within only a few years. Having been through the process, and knowing how well the training works in developing new salespeople, they have utmost confidence in the graduate recruitment model and want the process to continue. This is a constant cycle, and these leadership opportunities are constantly opening up as new branches open and as teams grow and diversify. Only in high-growth industries do these positions become available so rapidly, and having that experience on your CV will only lead to greater opportunities down the line.

5.      Network-Building

Building a trusted network of contacts is vital to enriching your career as a senior sales leader, and the best way to build long-lasting relationships is to start early. Most business done at a senior level is based on referrals and recommendations, and having access to a network of professionals who can not only assist your business, but who trust you to assist theirs can lead you to close larger and larger deals with more long-term commitment. These networks can also assist you in finding more senior roles, and can even be called-upon if you ever decided to start your own business. The growth of technology means that there will always be more competition, but building these relationships now will give you the edge over the competition in future.

There are many great reasons to begin working in technology sales, but the opportunities that you will find in this industry are incomparable to any other career path.

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