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Reasons to Get Involved in Technology Sales…

Back in 2016, technology overtook finance as the world’s most valuable industry. Fast forward two years and the tech sector is growing 2.5 times faster than the UK economy, with London being described as the 2nd most connected tech hub in the world after Silicon Valley. With Brexit right around the corner, and many industries set to struggle in the next few years, tech continues to boom and could offer a safe haven for graduates looking to avoid the potentially tough times ahead.

Not only could tech offer financial and occupational security, but it also offers so much more to graduates, especially in sales and account management roles.

1. Money
It’s okay, we can talk about money. Tech companies are thriving at the moment and the market, especially for graduates, is very competitive with companies all over the UK fighting for top talent. At the moment, companies in London pay anywhere between £23-£30k basic salaries for graduates with no experience in their sales roles with commission on top between £10-£15k. The best part is, it’s uncapped, so it’s not unusual for successful candidates to take home £50-60k in their first year, whilst Directors can earn figured into the millions for their efforts.

2.      Flexible Work Environments

Whilst flexible working has become more of a necessity for businesses this decade, tech companies, especially start-ups, have been pioneering this for years. Relaxed working environments, open offices spaces, flexible hours and dress-down cultures have been staples in this sector for years, and as working environments across all sectors realise the value in this attitude, you can bet that tech will already be starting the next phase of progression…speaking of progression.

3. Progression

There are few industries where growth happens as quickly as it does in tech. We’ve had clients grow from 5-50 people in a matter of months as their products become overnight sensations. We’ve had graduates start with a company and become directors within a year, and although these are exceptional cases, quick progression is not only common, it’s inevitable. Tech companies put faith in graduates and nurture them to create an environment of organic growth that increases loyalty and productivity. Not only can employees move up the career ladder quicker in tech, they can do it knowing that they’ve played a huge part in that company’s growth. What a feeling.

4. Young, dynamic teams
Sales teams across tech are filled with hungry graduates eager to make their mark and make money at the same time. This is a competitive market for talent, and only the best are hired, but those who get there thrive because they are around like-minded, ambitious people who are determined to apply themselves and make lasting connections with some of the most successful CEOs on the planet. Whilst it’s hard work, there’s always time for a few beers, a game of ping-pong or a trip abroad to reward staff for their efforts. No other industry rewards hard-work and talent like tech, and no role gets rewarded more than the company sales team!

5. Long-term security

Whilst the money and the environment is attractive in the short-term, the long-term appeal of tech sales is one of its biggest draws. Whilst there are always companies looking for top junior talent, at the same time, they are looking for established salespeople with a track record and an ability to manage a sales cycle. The demand for top senior talent with a track record is high, and so no matter what turns the market makes or what happens in the future, you can be assured that there will always be a need for fantastic technology salespeople.

In truth, there are thousands of reasons to get involved in tech, but the main reason is always the same. Walk into a tech company and look at the smiles on people’s faces, watch how much fun they are having and how dedicated they are to their work and that will tell you all you need about why you should work in tech.

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