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ISM Endorsed Diploma In Professional Sales

Every fresh sales professional starts out in their career with an appetite to learn and master their sales technique, that is where our ‘ISM Diploma in Professional Sales’ comes in. However, over time, poor habits and flawed techniques can develop that hinder their ability to consistently maintain goals, exceed targets and achieve greater and better objectives.

“It’s not about having the right opportunities, it’s about handling the opportunities right.” – Mark Hunter

Celsius Training has designed the following programme to:

Enable developing sales professionals to review, refine and hone their sales performance and provide them with new models, theory and the opportunity to develop new skills and techniques that will enable them to achieve increased revenue, better earnings and more meaningful relationships with their customers.

The Masterclass

This full day programme has been designed to provide delegate s with the opportunity to improve their selling technique in a supportive, facilitator-led environment, alongside of like-minded professionals. We cover:

  • Preparing for meetings and sales
  • Advanced questioning technique
  • Getting to decision makers
  • Mastering the call
  • Advanced objection handling,
  • Leading negotiations and influencing techniques
  • Effecting the close


Wasted call time is a problem for all businesses, this programme will provide your team with feedback and support from our experienced sales coach in order to manage their call time more effectively. We only work with sales people within technology and so cater to the needs of this fast-paced sector.

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