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Module 3

Solution Sales and Key Account Development

solution-sales-key-account-development‘Solution Sales and Key Account Development’ is a two-day module designed to structure the ‘consultative’ or ‘solution’ sales process, as well as strengthening the development of key accounts.

This module highlights the need to be more than just a ‘sales person’ but someone who strategically becomes a Business Consultant, Long-Term Ally and Strategic Co-ordinator!

Module Three covers the following topics over a two-day period:

  • The difference between ‘sales’ and ‘solution sales’
  • The hierarchy of needs
  • Review of the sales process – Rapport, Credibility and Information
  • Applying a structure to the sales process [PINBOC]
  • Advanced questioning using the SPECIFICS model
  • Understanding the way people process information
  • The Strategic Sales Process
  • Keeping your finger on the pulse
  • Identifying and understanding the key buying influencers
  • Highlighting and responding to weaknesses in your sales position
  • Learning to understand influencer’s response modes and when they are ready to buy
  • The Win/Win Matrix– Objective business wins and subjective personal wins
  • Managing the sales pipeline
  • Understanding and mapping the decision making process
  • The psychology of a decision maker

Throughout the two days, learning is enriched with practical activities, group discussion and

The training is concluded on the afternoon of day two where attendees are separated into three groups and given a role-play case study to work through. Utilising separate training rooms, each group form their own company.

Their objective: to gain sufficient information to develop a powerful strategy to develop this key account.

At the end of the afternoon, each group must deliver a final presentation detailing the information they have gleaned and the strategy they will take to develop this key account. The day is then debriefed and key learning throughout the two days is summarised.

Attendees are then encouraged to write SMART action plans to assist them to put into practice what they have learnt over the last two days.


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