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How we find candidates

The Celsius graduate recruitment programme is unique. Our comprehensive approach to finding, evaluating and placing only the very best graduates ensures that you get the right candidate to match your specific requirements.

We receive thousands of applications from graduates each month. However, only a select few of those candidates make it through to our recruitment days. All of the graduates who apply to Celsius are thoroughly appraised so we can make sure that they have the first-rate communication skills, hard work ethic and the drive and ambition to succeed. If a candidate fits the bill, then only then we will invite them to one of our Bespoke Virtual Graduate Recruitment Days.

The Celsius process
Here is an outline of the process that we follow when we recruit our graduates:

Step 1: CV Evaluation
Firstly, we review the candidate’s CV to check that they are a graduate, and if so, when they graduated. We also check that the candidate has good written and communication skills.

Step 2: Telephone Interview
Provided that the candidate passes successfully through stage 1, we will then interview them on the telephone to assess their verbal communication skills, check whether they have the ability to listen and also the level of energy and enthusiasm that we require from our graduates. We will also ask them about their career objectives and goals and their understanding of the commercial world.

Step 3: Bespoke Virtual Recruitment Session
If a candidate successfully passes through the first two stages, only then we will invite them to the Bespoke Virtual Recruitment Session we will be holding for you, our client. On the session, we put the graduates through their paces so that we can really find out if they are the intelligent, dynamic, determined and hard-working graduates we are looking for. We only want the very best.
The tasks that we set the graduates are designed to assess their skills and provide us with an all-encompassing view of their capabilities, motivations, how they deal with others and how they handle pressure.

We take the time to really get to know our candidates and only those graduates that meet our strict standards will pass the recruitment process to become Celsius Graduates.
With our wealth of industry experience and team of highly talented experts, your graduate recruitment needs are in the safe hands. So, when you are recruiting for your big names of the future, we will deliver the results that you are looking for.

To find out more about how we recruit our graduates, please call us on 0161 274 9800/ 0203 693 8165 or email us at


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