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Virtual Graduate Recruitment Session

Being invited to attend a Celsius Graduate Recruitment Session is a big deal! On average, we received 4,000 applications per month yet only 400 of those applicants make it through to our recruitment sessions. So, being invited to one of these sessions means that you have the personality and potential to become a highflyer in the world of sales. An exceptional and highly rewarding career with one of our many respected client companies awaits!

What’s involved in a Celsius Graduate Recruitment Session?
Our Virtual Graduate Recruitment Sessions are held over Zoom and give you a chance to shine and show yourself at your very best.
We usually have a range of eight to sixteen graduates on any one session, depending on the client and their needs. Working both as an individual and with your fellow graduates, you will have the opportunity to really sell yourself, demonstrate your strengths and show us what you could bring to your new role. We know that academic achievements and previous experience are important but the focus here is on your drive and unleashing your true potential.
Our Graduate Recruitment Sessions offer a valuable opportunity to learn more about one of our incredible clients, who by the end of the session, you may be starting your career with!
On the session you will take part in a series of challenges and group discussions to assess how you interact with others and present yourself. Do not worry about coming up with the right answers for everything, we are more interested in putting you through your paces and seeing how well you can tackle a challenge!
You will also give an introduction to yourself and your interests so we can really get to know more about you and your ambitions. Each Session is bespoke to one of our clients, so they will be on the session looking out for outstanding graduates with real superstar potential!

Some of the activities that you can expect to take part in are as follows:
• Group discussions
• Self introduction
• Group task
• Feedback session

Where and how will the Graduate Recruitment Sessions take place?
We hold our Recruitment Sessions over Zoom. When you take part in our sessions, you will join other graduates from all over the UK, all with a wide variety of degrees from different universities. Like you, they have all been invited to attend because they fit the criteria that our clients are looking for.

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You can also read about the Graduate Recruitment Process and find out the answers to some frequently asked questions, here.

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